Antonino & Pierfilippo

ASG was founded in 2013 by Antonino Salemi and Pierfilippo Cipollini. The project operates on the high quality of the tailoring of clothing in relation to the need for research and creativity in fashion. Manifacturing is entirely made in Italy thanks to various collaborations with italian industrial companies. The choice of materials is carried with particular care and attention to the origin and process of fabrics manufacturing, from the yarns of pure wool to silk and leather goods. The expression of the balance between natural and technical fabrics makes the lines of ASG strong and structured but also elegant and dynamic.

The study of full and empty spaces also states a projection of architecture in the construction of the dress.Multiple and distinct geometric shapes intersect gently to the figures that mark a fine line in the game of contrasts. Fashion transfigures reality, recovering and improving Beauty and Harmony, that become core and fundamental values of reality. A simple piece of clothing is transformed, becoming the bearer of a message and, therefore, a form of language.

Antonino Salemi is an italian fashion designer, he is born in 1986 in Turin. In 2009 got is degree in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin where he graduated with the highest honors. For this occasion, he presented a fashion performance for the first time in the history of the Academy. He designed and tailored six dresses inspired by the Futurism for his Immobile Fashion Show. 

In 2010 forms an artistic collective, with other three members specialise in various disciplines, in which holds the role of fashion designer and executor of projects concerning fashion. Early in 2011 tailors the dresses for “#1″ fashion film that will be hosted at Prague Quadriennial of Performance Design and Space and at the collective exhibition placed in Istanbul parallel to the Biennial. The second half of 2012 it’s the time in which he begins an individual path setting up ASG, the brand which will bear his name.